Answering Community Questions and Platform Agenda Items:

Everyone asks me, “why are you getting involved running for commissioner?” I have been involved in various organizations in this county for over 30 years and I hear the same old comments about the BOC.  Some good and a lot bad.  It is hard to please everyone. I am a person that takes the bull by the horns, rolls up my sleeves and gets the job done.  So many people complain about the BOC and never even go to the polls to vote.  There are over 130,000 registered voters in the county and just over 20,000 voted in the election of November of 2016. Our incumbent commissioners have not been proactive in getting any new policies established or ordinances written to help our housing industry.  They have not scrubbed the budget to get our millage rate back down. It’s been business as usual. So that is why I am running; I believe I can make a difference.

I want to clear the air on the Silver Comet Air Field – Read my lips, NO COMMERCIAL AIR. I did not have the Airport on my platform list as there is no discussion now until either the action is called back or the courts rule. Either way I want the airport to remain general aviation as originally designed.  I was part of the team that produced the award-winning master plan, and the plan should be brought back out, dusted off and used in our economic development plan.  The original plan included Economic PODS constructed around the airport, for avionics producing companies, industrial, multi- family developments and even a hotel conference center.  One of our overnight delivery companies is looking to use smaller planes into general aviation airports and cut back on big distribution centers and go to small distribution centers.  We would only have our regular size delivery trucks and not the big tractor trailers coming through our neighborhoods.  This would bring jobs to the community, bring in tax money on the fuel they will buy, get our yearly landing fees, and then if successful it will bring in other carriers.

UNITY, Progress, and Results. These are my commitments to Paulding County and to my friends of Post 4.  The BOC has been working together a little better in the last few months but the relationships between the chairman and commissioners is still strained.  I am a relationship builder and will solidify the BOC. Three years ago, the BOC could not agree on hiring a new county manager so they just defunded the position.  Now after three years, they find out they really did need this position. So, they hire two people to do the same job. Now that’s unity and hiring smart.  The County Comprehensive Plan has been approved by the Regional Commission and adopted by the BOC last June and we don’t have the first strategic plan pulled together for any of the items outlined in the compensative plan. The BOC needs to be proactive and work on all the strategic plans for all departments.  They need to divide these among themselves and conquer.  I can drive this process so the plans are completed sooner than working on one plan at a time.  We need to be able to demonstrate results to the citizens that work is in progress and we are saving taxpayer money and bring in businesses.

  1. Conducting in a Pro-Business attitude while engaging economic development. Branding the county and attracting industry that does not tax our infrastructure. Everyone hates all the retail, but they pay taxes and they don’t use up our water and sewer.
  2. Attracting Aquatic Center. Use public/private partnership. Or maybe a developer could build it.
  3. Transportation & Infrastructure: We need to update our road planning based on current numbers as well as our infrastructure.  You have heard of Trump’s Infrastructure plan, he wants most of it to go to rural areas. Where are our local and state lobbyist? We need to be in the face of our congressmen to get some of that funding in Paulding County.  If we could get our housing ordnances to include impact fees, we can leverage this money to get water and sewer pipes in the ground.
  4. High Shoals Falls needs to be addressed by the county either thru rec department or within the county services.
  5. Special needs children: We need a full-time county rec department program and a designated person to coordinate all the different special needs events throughout the year, and we need to complete the special needs ballfield at Burnt Hickory Field.  Kids are going out of county to play special needs baseball and soccer and other sporting events. We have two sites below the baseball fields set aside for soccer and lacrosse fields.  We need to take advantage of our rec dept. programs.  I know there are a lot of people wanting to help coach special needs kids, we just need the facilities.
  6. We need to continue to support the Sheriff and DA offices to help with the crime rate. They are doing an excellent job and we need to be sure they have all they need to provide the level of security for our citizens and students.
  7. County employees need continuing education to help them perform their jobs. I would put our county employees above any other county as they do a great job.  We just need them to stay abreast of new equipment and skill sets.  Currently there has been very little training classes for them.

So how do we get funding for these items?:

We need to adjust our SPLOST program like the School Board and use 2/3 of the funds to retire our debt.  This will help our bond rating and allow our regular budget monies to go to other departments.  We would need to scrub the budget and get tough and make difficult decisions to balance the budget just like you and I do every week.



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